The 12-week W-A-I-T Management Solution Focused Counseling training program trains professionals in the Behavioral Health Field to offer the W-A-I-T program successfully to their patients.  The W-A-I-T Professional program allows participants to not only gain knowledge about themselves but learn skills and techniques to help their patients on their weight loss journey.   While working through the program each participant have the option to participate in consultation sessions.    

  • Module 1- Solution Focused Self-Examination

  • Module 2- Behavioral Modification (Building Healthy Food Habits)

  • Module 3- Self-Esteem Building

  • Module 4- Anxiety and Depression

  • Module 5- Positive Self-Talk

  • Module 6-Creating Healthy Outlets

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How to be successful in helping your clients on their weight loss journey utilizing the 12-Week W-A-I-T Management Solution Focused Counseling program. 


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