What to Expect if Using Insurance Coverage


The assessment will consist of two sessions.

1. In the first session, you will meet with the Therapist. You will be asked to provide information about your personal history (such as childhood, education, and medical conditions, social supports, understanding of surgery, psychiatric history current and past) as well as your history of weight loss and gain and motivation for the surgery.


2. The second session will consist of psychological testing. It will last from one and a half to two hours. The testing will screen for any mental health concerns as well as assess your personality style and approach to medical treatment to best inform tools to support your recovery.

3. Prior to the first session, your insurance will need to be contacted to determine whether the service is covered and obtain any necessary authorizations. If covered, you may only be responsible for paying your co-pay or deductible. If not, please see the self-pay option below.

check with your insurance to make sure the service is covered


Before your appointment:

Call your insurance company. The phone number can usually be found on the back of the card. Ask the following questions:


1.“Is a pre-bariatric surgery psychological assessment covered under my plan?”


2.“The diagnosis code is E66.09 and the procedure codes are 90791 and 96101. Are these procedure codes covered for that diagnosis code under my plan?”

Some insurance plans will not cover that combination of diagnosis codes and procedure codes, so make sure yours does.


3.“Will the benefit be paid by my medical plan or my mental health plan?”


4.“Will you double-check that the Therapist is an in-network provider under my plan?”

Sometimes an insurance company will use another company to handle the mental health portion of your benefits, and your doctor may not be in that network.


5.“Is pre-authorization required?”

If yes, call our office right away so that we can get authorization for you before your appointment.


6.“Do I have to meet a deductible before my plan will pay for this evaluation?”

If yes, you will have to pay on the date of your appointment. When we file your claim, the insurance company will apply that amount to your deductible.

What to Expect if You Are Paying Out of Pocket

  • If you choose a self-pay option, the entire assessment can be completed in one session.

  • The fee for the assessment is $250. This includes the cost of the clinical interview, test administration/scoring/interpretation, report writing, an optional feedback session.

Next Steps After the Evaluation

Scoring and interpretation of the testing and completion of the report will take approximately one week. Once the report is finished, it will be faxed directly to your surgeon.

The report will identify any potential areas of concern as well as personal strengths. It will outline recommendations that would support your recovery. Based on this information, your surgeon will determine whether or not to proceed with the surgery.


  • If any strong concerns are identified during the assessment process, you will be contacted for a feedback session to review the results.

  • Based on your history and current status, it is possible for recommendations and treatment interventions to include referrals for mental health treatment or other services prior to surgery.

  • Feedback sessions are also available upon request. Documentation will be provided to your surgeon to keep him or her informed of your status in the process.

In addition to completing the pre-surgical assessment, Chikeitha Owens LPC is also available to provide individual therapy both before and after surgery to provide support in adjusting to lifestyle changes, assist with the development of healthier coping skills to replace and monitor mood and general mental health functioning.  You can participate in the individual sessions only or you can check out the 12-week W-A-I-T Management Solution Focused Counseling Program.