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Complete Your Bariatric Psychological Evaluation



Prior to bariatric surgery, patients have prerequisites that are required.  One includes completing a mental health assessment.  Per guidelines set forth by The American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery

What to Expect 

  • The entire assessment can be completed in one session.

  • The fee for the assessment is $375. Insurance is not accepted for the assessment as insurance does not cover the assessment cost.

  • The assessment includes the cost of the clinical interview, test administration/scoring/interpretation, report writing, an optional feedback session.

Next Steps After the Evaluation

Scoring and interpretation of the testing and completion of the report will take approximately one week. Once the report is finished, it will be faxed directly to your surgeon.  Please make sure you have completed the consent to release information so it can be forwarded to the surgeon.

The report will identify any potential areas of concern as well as personal strengths. It will outline recommendations that would support your recovery. Based on this information, your surgeon will determine whether or not to proceed with the surgery.


  • If any strong concerns are identified during the assessment process, you will be contacted for a feedback session to review the results.

  • Based on your history and current status, it is possible for recommendations and treatment interventions to include referrals for mental health treatment or other services prior to surgery.

  • Feedback sessions are also available upon request. Documentation will be provided to your surgeon to keep him or her informed of your status in the process.

In addition to completing the pre-surgical assessment, Chikeitha Owens LPC is also available to provide individual therapy both before and after surgery to provide support in adjusting to lifestyle changes, assist with the development of healthier coping skills to replace and monitor mood and general mental health functioning.  You can participate in the individual sessions only or you can check out the 12-week W-A-I-T Management Solution Focused Counseling Program.

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