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If you are a Personal Trainer and would like to see your clients be even more successful, the 12-week W-A-I-T Management Solution Focused Counseling program allows participants to not only gain knowledge about themselves but learn skills and techniques to help them on their weight loss journey.   Having happy clients will bring you more revenue and bring you more success stories and help you build your brand.


While working through the program each participant has the option to participate in weekly counseling sessions.  Participants are encouraged to complete 12 weekly counseling sessions while completing the 12 week course.  If you are interested in purchasing training for yourself and access to the course please submit the requested information below. 

  • Module 1- Solution Focused Self-Examination

  • Module 2- Behavioral Modification (Building Healthy Food Habits)

  • Module 3- Self-Esteem Building

  • Module 4- Anxiety and Depression

  • Module 5- Positive Self-Talk

  • Module 6-Creating Healthy Outlets

Want more to know more? Leave your info and we will send your additional information.


  • Have you been struggling trying to lose weight?

  • Do you need to lose weight for medical reasons?

  • Do you just need some accountability measures in place to stay focused?


  • Are you struggling emotionally with their weight?

  • Struggling emotionally to make the decision to have the surgery? 

  • Are you fearful of having the surgery?

  • Have you had the surgery and now need additional support to continue to stay motivated?

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