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Zee Powell is the founder and creator of S.U.P.A. (a full line of plant-based healthy lifestyle products) and head coach of SUPA Fitness Training Studio located in Duncanville, TX. Spanning over more than twenty years he holds a vast knowledge in both fitness and nutrition. As a former Division 1 athlete, Sergeant in the US Army and Crohn’s survivor he knows firsthand how challenging yet fulfilling overcoming obstacles can be.

After graduating from Louisiana State University he decided to commit his life’s work to help others pursue their desired goals. Through his simplified holistic approach, he is successfully doing so working with hundreds of clients from various backgrounds throughout the country. Zee is a true believer that with the right team and mindset the possibilities are limitless regardless of circumstance or condition.



Zee Powell

Founder/Creator, S.U.P.A.

Head coach SUPA Fitness


Business Phone: 972-802-3719

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