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veronica Gersten 

My name is Veronica and I am passionate about food, nutrition, and education. As a former teacher, I decided to change careers when I discovered how important nutrition is to our health and wellness. 

​It all started when one of my high school students asked me how much sugar was in a sugar-sweetened tall iced tea. We discovered it was over 3 days' worth of added sugar. I soon discovered that many of my students had families facing chronic health diseases associated with nutrition, and I wanted to make a difference in the lives of others. 


This sparked my passion to help others learn about nutrition and eating best for our health and wellness. Nutrition is not only about fighting chronic diseases, but it also is just about feeling your best every day, and empowering yourself and family.

I provide nutrition counseling to individuals and specialize in weight management counseling, bariatric counseling, and diabetes management.  I have seen thousands of bariatric patients, and I love helping others get to their goals. 

Thank you for visiting us I hope to get to know you soon. 

Upbeet Nutrition Consulting

Registered Dietitian/Owner

Phone: (214) 560-0750

Fax: (972) 767-3583


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